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Car Rental

ABWOLF Car Rental Service intends to import new Toyota Van... read more

Air Ticket


Conference Tourism

We provide car rental and hotel reservation services for conferences in Addis. 

Special Interest Tour

Birding Tour program/ ATT-036.
Coffee Tour
Ethiopia, the original home of the coffee plant.
Filming and Photography Tour
All pre-production and logistic arrangements for television, filming and Ariel photography in Ethiopia.

Events and Festivals

Celebrations in Ethiopia are great and colorful events, mostly religious, and frequently take place over several days. Important Christian holidays include Meskal, Christmas, Timkat, Kiddus Yohannes and Easter. Timkat, which marks Christ's baptism, is the most colorful event of the year. In September, the two-day feast of Meskal marks the finding of the True Cross. Kiddus Yohannes, New Year's Day comes on September 11, which coincides with the end of the season of heavy rains and the beginning of spring... Events and Festivals


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